Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Dysentery Blues

The laws of nature have wrecked havoc on my health. Dun dun dun… I got dysentery last week. I know – who would of thunk that you could get dysentery while not en route of the Oregon Trail. But atlas, my body officially experienced dysentery. Gruesome details aside – I am A-OK now and back in proper working order.

Onto other news, I found out where I am spending the next two years!!! I am going to Kambia District, where there are no current volunteers. I will be going to a medium-sized village with an estimated population of 5,000. No idea where that number came from, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. The district is on the Guinea border in northwest Sierra Leone. I am living 9 miles of a paved road from one volunteer and 12 miles of an unpaved road from other. I was excited about that, so I can get me some American-fix once in a while. I am an hourish poda-poda ride away from the regional capital (Kambia), where I will do my banking and *cross fingers* hopefully use one of these dang machines once in a while.

I will be teaching in a Senior Secondary School (SSS), which is equivalent to our high school in the States. I’m still unsure which science I will be teaching (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics). I will probably talk with the principal to find a balance between what is needed the most and what I feel comfortable teaching.

So one of my favorite holidays has come and fast. Forth of July wasn’t the same this year. No parade down the streets of Latrobe. No party in my Aunt Jackie’s backyard. And no fireworks. : ( So sad! Okay, I’m done being dramatic. We made the 4th pretty fun considering our circumstances. We had a big party at a restaurant on Sunday and then had a big celebration at training on Monday. I ate a hotdog and watched a great game of soccer between my fellow trainees and Sierra Leonean PC staff (USA won, of course). Can’t complain too much with that combination!

I can’t believe it is Week 5 of training already. Time is surely flying in good ol’ Salone. There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to:

1. This weekend, we meet the principals of our schools and go with them to our villages. I will see my new house and the school I’ll be teaching in.
2. Summer school starts in 2 weeks, where I’ll put my big bad teaching skills to work.
3. My 22nd birthday is in 22 days… or as I choose to refer to this birthday – my 1st anniversary of my 21st birthday.
4. And on August 12, I will officially be sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Trying to think of a good quote. Uh uh uh... "Keep it real USA." - The Rachel Murray

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