Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spiders Bites and Witches... Spider Bites caused by Witches?

Yo America,

Things have been going fairly well in Madina. School started two weeks ago, but the first week was dedicated to cleaning and then we spent the second week getting organized. I have 3 classes in JSS II - each consisting of around 80 students. I also have 2 SSS I classes, but I think I will only have 40-50 students in each. Wait, did I just say "only"? Oh my. It will be good when school really kicks off though.

Speaking of school, I was sitting through a 5-hour staff meeting yesterday when in the middle of the meeting I hear a bunch of commotion outside. One of my fellow teachers looks out the window and says, "We got trouble." Uh.. trouble like a stampede of animals or a gang of zombies? Well, actually maybe what I witnessed was not to far off from either of those ideas. I see a woman being excorted by a crowd of people past the school. I was told that someone has accused her of being a witch and she was being taken to gather all her witch-friends (?). I cannot tell you what the outcome was, but the short experience was quite strange for me.

Shady Baby has been going through some rough times. I knew it was getting time for him to get fixed when he started humping a towel on a regular basis. So I set up the date for the big C-day (Castration-day) with the chiefdom vet. He came over to my house for the procedure. When he arrived, he told me to go gather two boys to hold the little pup down. I ended holding him with a 10-year-old boy, probably very experienced. Shady was given an injection of... something and the whole procedure was done with a bare blade. The whole thing took a couple of minutes and then before I knew it Shady's goods were just lying on my front porch. The vet left and Shady and I were left just looking at them waiting for someone to make the first move to clean them up.

My health has been fairly well. Unfortunately, I joined the "Boil Club" and got an abscess on my armpit. Some warm compresses and intense washing helped with that problem. I also received a spider bite on my eyelid. My eye swelled up, so it looked like I had a nasty black eye (which I was pretty excited about as I'm sure some of you expected).

Since my last post, the only trip I've made has been to Kukuna (9 miles away from Madina) to visit my friend Tammie. It was cool to see her village, see her school, and meet her principal's family, her neighbors, and the local chief. I am also now in Freetown for a short weekend trip. I ate some REAL pizza last night, ah it was amazing. We're going to head to the beach soon, woohoo!

I probably won't be back on until Halloween weekend. I need to find a good costume that's appropriate for Sierra Leoneans. I'm guessing I shouldn't dress up as a witch?

Till next time ladies and gents.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

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