Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HELP! School Library Refurbishment Project!


I am trying to raise money to refurbish my school's library.  We want to build new shelves, buy new books, cement the floor, and install windows and locks.  Here is a little write-up about the project:

Over a decade ago, the library at our local secondary school served as a quiet room for students to study and for teachers to plan lessons. The library was well-equipped with the needed reference materials, globes and other useful educational resources. Sadly, during the Sierra Leonean civil war, members of the rebel army pillaged the library leaving the once fully stocked room in ruins. Today, our school wants the memory of that library to become a reality. Although we are grateful for the donated books we have recently received, the students are in great need of the local comprehensive books specific to their respective subject areas. Many students are not able to afford these books that teachers use in class and are therefore ill-prepared for their examinations. Earlier this year, the donated books were being arranged on the current shelves when the wood suddenly broke under their weight. Also, during an attempt to renovate the library, laborers were placing a layer of cement on the floor to smooth the uneven surface, were replacing the locks, and were fixing the broken glass on the windows and doors. Funds did not suffice to complete the project and currently the school does not have the financial means to completely resolve these problems. With the help of the Peace Corps Partnership Program, the library will be refurbished in a short amount of time and will again serve its full purpose as it did before the war.

If you are willing to donate, please go to the following website:

Every little bit helps.  Thanks everyone!! : )

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