Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rabat for dental work... Okay!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I should throw you all some love via blog post.  Not the typical Valentine, but I’m sure you understand.
School’s been about the same.  Although Mathematics has proven to be the most difficult subject to teach!  For example, I had a student come up to the board to do a problem wherein he had to solve 25-23… and he pulled out his calculator.  Ay carumba!  Naturally being the tough teacher that I am (NOT, but sometimes I pretend to be), I told my Math classes they can’t use a calculator on my exam.  I thought a mini-riot was about to take place, but maybe they’ll just burn my exams.  We’ll see!  Mid-term exams are right around the corner, which means time is flying by as always.
Exciting news at my school is that our library is finished and full of books!  Thank you all again for contributing to the project.  We’re still working on getting more books, but we’re pretty happy with what we have so far. : )

Nothing too new in the ‘hood.  There’s a mosque right beside my house, so the call for prayer every morning is my alarm clock.  Anyways, I’ve been promising my neighbors that I would come to mosque for Friday prayers, so a couple of weeks ago I followed through with my promise.  I think all of my neighbors appreciated my attendance and they had a good time showing me how to do the ablution and the different prayers.  The sermon was in Krio, so I was able to follow most of it.  There were a great deal of similarities between what I heard in the mosque and what I hear in church on Sundays.  So, now that I went to mosque ONE time, everyone in my town thinks I’m Muslim and expects me to do the five daily prayers with them.  When in Rome, as they say… ; )
A man from my church passed away last month.  He was a really nice guy and I was sad to hear the news.  Unfortunately, the passing of this man turned into major witch drama in my town.  I don’t want to go into all the details because they can become quite exhausting and frankly, I don’t fully understand all the particulars.  Long story short, most of my town speculated that the man was killed with what is called a witch gun, which began a series of witch hunts theeen some witch trials.  It was HUGE town drama and all anyone would talk about for about a week and half.  Like any small town drama, everyone moved on from the hoopla and moved onto the next thing to talk about… the Africa Cup of Nations.  Football (or what I like to call soccer because I’m American) is a nice distraction for Sierra Leoneans.
I’m currently in Freetown, because I’m heading to Morocco on Tuesday for some dental work.  I might have to get a crown or a root canal.  Not too excited about the dental work part, but it will be nice to see what Rabat has to offer.  My friend Jared is also following me there.  What a weird-o.
In other news, my parents have officially booked their tickets to come to here.  Sweet Salone better watch out, because they have no idea what they’re getting into with Subby and Mike!
Sorry there’s not too much to update on.  Hope all is well Stateside and you’re all keeping warm. : )
‘Til next time… or the time after that.
One of my students, “Isn’t Pennsylvania next to West Vagina?” – This is why teaching is the funniest job ever.

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